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Broadlink is a multifaceted company built on passion, innovation and uncompromising standards of excellence. We provide our clients excellent ,quality services in the field of Robotic Duct Cleaning and Dewatering.
We have grown to become one of the leading companies in this field providing design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of mechanical, electrical and low current systems. JAF Arabia has undertaken a large number of complex projects on “design and build” basis and executed on a rush schedule to the full satisfaction of its clients.

100+ people working together as a team

3 regional offices across the middle east

10+ global brands represented

Our Mission

We are committed to deliver premium levels of service to our customers to help them achieve their goals. Our functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive knowledge of the industry helps us deliver the best to our clients. We are continually expanding upon our knowledge and service to meet our clients need.

Our Vision

We want to maintain the high standard we have set for ourselves in serving people while continuing to grow both in terms of the ever evolving technology changes and adopting the latest standards.

Our Specialities

Power Packed

Broadlink provides the best energy efficient air conditioners. We look at sustainable energy goals for the next generation.

Quality filled

Broadlink supplies the best quality products. We rely on the top rated products in the industry. Quality stands in our high priorities.


We use eco-friendly items in-order to keep the home fresh & cool in a very natural way & also to keep the nature around more fresher every day.

Fresh Clients

Our clients are the reason for our every new day with a fresh start. Happy Clients are worthy Satisfactory clients make us feel even more worthy.